1What are the most important packing tips to remember when preparing my items for storage in my self storage locker?

- Do not over-pack your boxes.
- All boxes should close properly and be sealed so that the tops are flat.
- Fill each box compactly to minimized movement inside the box.
- Keep an inventory sheet that details each box and what you have packed in it.
- Label each box accordingly on the top and sides so that you can see at a glance what is in the box.
- You could also attach a list of contents to the box for quick reference.
- Pack small items in small boxes and then pack small boxes in larger boxes – labeling all boxes clearly.
- Use smaller boxes for heavy items.
- Use larger boxes for lighter items such as clothing or linens.
- Seal all boxes with packing tape.
- Liquids should be transferred into a sealed container that in turn is packed in a water-proof bag.
- Keep items from the same room together as much as possible.
- Don’t pack what you don’t need. Throw it out or donate it!

2What are the basic packing supplies that I need?

You’ll need moving boxes, permanent markers, bubble wrap, unprinted newswrap, wardrobe boxes, small moving boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, clear plastic tape. Ask our staff for pre-used (recycled) boxes and do something good for the environment!

3What are specialty boxes?

Specialty boxes include lamp boxes, guitar boxes, mattress boxes, electronics boxes, artwork and mirror boxes. These can be purchased online or ask our staff to pre-order for you.

4How do I pack electronics or my computer?

Remove toner and ink cartridge and put in a sealed bag. Also remove cds, dvds and any other media from the equipment.
Use either the original box for packing if you have kept it or purchase a specialty box for electronics.
Before disconnecting wires, colour-code the ports and cables so you can reconnect them later.
Pack equipment with antistatic bubble wrap to secure.

5What should I pack my office documents in?

Purchase file boxes in order to avoid any spillage from your file folders in transport. These are available at any business supply store such as Bureau en Gros.

6How do I store furniture in my locker?

- Remove legs or disassemble as much as possible to conserve space in your self storage locker.
- Wrap and tape all parts to the largest piece (table top for example).
- Store all screws and small parts in a clear bag and also tape to the largest piece.
- Remember to place cardboard on the floor of your storage locker to protect your furniture.
- Cover furniture with old blankets to minimize dust.

7How do I store my mattress?

Wrap in a plastic covering to avoid dust and damage.

8How do I store my appliances?

Empty, defrost and thoroughly clean refrigerators and freezers. All appliances should be clean and dry. Leave doors of appliances slightly opened when storing.

9How do I organize the contents of my self storage locker?

- Draw a map of the contents of your locker indicating where everything can be found. - Store like items together.
- Stack heavy boxes under lighter boxes.
- Store paintings, mirrors on their sides and mattresses on end.
- Leave one or two “hallways” between boxes so that you have easy access to all areas of the storage locker.
- Leave some space between the walls and your boxes to ensure ventilation.

10Are there items that I am not allowed to store in my self storage locker?

It is prohibited to store any items that are dangerous including gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, fireworks, weapons and any corrosive or otherwise dangerous substance or item.